Ac Infinity Ionboard S33 Full Spectrum Led grow Light 240W Samsung Lm301B 3x3 Ft Coverage

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Ionboard S33 Full Spectrum Led grow Light 240W Samsung Lm301B 3x3 Ft Coverage

Product Overview:
Introducing a high-performance full spectrum LED grow light designed with strategically placed Samsung LM301B diodes to optimize plant yield. Our cutting-edge driver allows light dimming functionality and is compatible with our smart controllers for greater customization. Effortlessly connect additional LED light fixtures with the use of expansion dongles (available separately). The fanless, unibody aluminum board effectively dissipates heat, extending the lifespan of the diodes. All components are IP-65 rated to ensure consistent performance in high temperature and humidity settings. Included are metal bar hangers and rope hangers for easy installation. This LED grow light is perfect for grow tents featuring an interior Mylar reflective lining and is ideal for cultivating a wide range of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Be part of the UIS™ platform which offers seamless integration of grow devices and smart controllers for creating the perfect growing environment.

  • Dimmable LED grow light designed with an optimized spectrum and diode positioning, to maximize plant yields.
  • Specially formulated full-spectrum Samsung LM301B LEDs to achieve the highest growth rates in all plant stages.
  • Algorithmically positioned diodes create the most uniform PAR map and the deepest canopy penetration.
  • Dimmer enables 0 to 100% brightness. Can connect with our smart controllers to access grow cycles, scheduling, and app.
  • Constructed on a unibody aluminum board and IP-65 rated for grow environments with higher humidity and heat.

Enhanced Spectrum Performance:
Each light features a meticulously optimized ratio of Horticulture-Series Samsung LM301B white, red, and IR LEDs to boost plant yield potential. Diodes are algorithmically arranged within the board to provide unparalleled PAR map coverage and deep light penetration, resulting in accelerated growth across germination, vegetative, and flowering stages.

Advanced Control Capabilities:
Our proprietary LED driver offers full 0-100% dimming capabilities with an intuitive control knob that alters light intensity in 20% increments. The driver also includes a port for daisy chaining and compatibility with our smart controllers for accessing grow cycles, scheduling options, app control features, and more. Experience a fully synchronized ecosystem of controllers and grow equipment including fans and lights - all working harmoniously to create your ideal environment.

The Ac Infinity Ionboard S33 is a high-performance LED grow light with full spectrum lighting capabilities. It features 240W of power and Samsung Lm301B diodes for superior energy efficiency and long-lasting performance.


With coverage for up to 3x3 feet of grow space, the Ionboard S33 is perfect for indoor gardening and commercial applications. It delivers a balanced spectrum of light that promotes healthy plant growth and maximizes yield.


The Ionboard S33 is designed for ease-of-use and reliability. Its advanced heat sink and thermal management system ensure that the unit runs cool and quiet, while its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting operation.


Additional features of the Ionboard S33 include dimming capabilities, a low profile design, and compatibility with AC Infinity’s range of fan and ventilation products.


Overall, the Ac Infinity Ionboard S33 is a top-of-the-line LED grow light that delivers exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you’re a commercial grower or an indoor gardening enthusiast, this light is the perfect choice for achieving maximum growth and yield.