Ac Infinity Inline Duct Fan Silencer 8-Inch

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Ac Infinity Inline Duct Fan Silencer 8-Inch

Introducing a ventilation ducting accessory that effectively dampens or minimizes noise produced by air circulation in grow tents or server closet ventilation systems. This tool employs premium neoprene foam, designed in a wave crest pattern to hinder sound wave movement, resulting in up to 50% reduction in noise pollution. The egg crate foam quiets sound vibration while ensuring optimal airflow passage for both intake and exhaust setups. Additionally, the aluminum flange openings contribute to absorbing sound wave vibrations, easily fitting over your inline duct fan's flange. Every silencer is constructed with a durable galvanized steel body that resists corrosion and tolerates extreme temperature variations.

  • A duct muffler designed for use with inline fans in grow tents, bathroom fans and other HVAC applications.
  • Features dual aluminum flanges to help absorb sound waves from fan vibrations and airflow.
  • High-quality neoprene foam in an egg crate pattern that will reduce fan noise by up to 50%.
  • Galvanized steel body that is corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Duct Opening Diameter: 8 inches | Length: 27 inches | Weight: 6.00 pounds

This duct silencer is frequently paired with inline extractor fans for grow tents and hydroponic grow room installations. It can be positioned anywhere within the ventilation system, such as between the fan and ducting. Furthermore, the silencer is suitable for various household HVAC applications like cooling AV equipment rooms, closets, and ventilating bathrooms. As a result, it contributes to a more peaceful home atmosphere or a less distracting workplace environment.




The Ac Infinity Inline Duct Fan Silencer 8-Inch is designed to provide effective noise reduction for your ventilation system. It features a high-density acoustic foam that is engineered to absorb and reduce unwanted noise while allowing air to pass through smoothly. The result is a peaceful and quiet environment that is free from the disturbances of loud ventilation systems.


This duct fan silencer is made to last, with a durable metal construction that is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. It is easy to install and fits perfectly with most standard 8-inch ventilation ducts. Its compact design lets you place it anywhere in your ventilation system without taking up too much space.


Whether you have a home or commercial ventilation system, the Ac Infinity Inline Duct Fan Silencer 8-Inch is the perfect solution for reducing noise levels and creating a peaceful environment. Its advanced noise reduction technology makes it highly effective in minimizing unwanted noise, making it a great investment for anyone who values peace and quiet.