AC Infinity Heavy-Duty Twist Ties, Thin Rubberized Texture 10M

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AC Infinity Heavy-Duty Twist Ties, Thin Rubberized Texture 10M

Product Description:
Introducing a robust set of wire fasteners, specifically created to support plants in conjunction with stakes, grids, posts, and various other supporting systems. Each pack of green plant ties consists of an iron string core surrounded by a malleable PE plastic exterior. With its rubber-like surface, these plant ties are designed to remain securely in place while wrapped around your plants. Moreover, their non-abrasive exterior offers cushioned assistance and a gentle touch that won't damage your plant stems. The garden wire ties are easy to hang and handle due to their packaging design, allowing for simple unwinding and flexible cutting at the desired length.

These versatile green plant ties are perfect for gently training and securing vines, shrubs, and flowers to trellises, nets, and fences. While primarily intended for use with stakes, grids, and other plant support systems, they also offer a range of applications beyond the garden. From home to office uses such as decluttering kitchens, organizing tools or managing cables for computers, monitors, headphones, and USB cords - these ties serve multiple purposes efficiently.

  • Garden wire ties designed to progress vertical growth by fastening plants to garden support systems.
  • Constructed of iron string wires encased in soft PE plastic that is flexible and stays bound.
  • Non-abrasive rubber for cushioned plant support and handling while protecting stems from damage.
  • 10m custom cut length with high durability and weather-resistance, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatile and reusable home office use, for tool organizing, kitchen tidying, and cable management.