Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 Advance Grow Tent 120''x60''x80'' 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas

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Discover the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 Advance Grow Tent

Cloudlab 816 Advance Grow Tent 120''x60''x80'' 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas

The grow tent is specifically crafted to cultivate plants indoors by offering total control over their environmental conditions. With a quick-view observation window, this tent employs a waterproof oxford canvas of 2000D thickness for enhanced durability and light-proofing. The interior walls are lined with cross-patterned diamond mylar, reflecting and maximizing your grow light's output. The inner ribbon stitching alongside the zippers ensures optimal reflectivity and prevents light leakage. Moreover, the double cinching duct ports design strengthens the light-proof seal. Included accessories are a waterproof floor tray, an integrated tool bag, and a mounting plate for attaching your controller to the grow tent.

This growth tent boasts a robust steel frame, using 22 mm diameter poles instead of the standard 18 mm poles found in typical grow tents. Its corner pieces also exhibit exceptional rigidity, ensuring that the tent remains upright and more stable than its competitors. Combined with its roof beams, this structure can support up to 150 pounds of grow equipment when hung at intersecting points. A metallic finish not only safeguards the steel poles from long-term degradation but also offers a sleek appearance.

The CLOUDLAB series allows you to cultivate any plant throughout the year and is particularly designed for indoor gardening. You can easily set it up in any area of your home, such as your closet, basement, guest room, or garage. Fresh air can be introduced into the grow tent by opening the air venting screen or connecting an intake fan to the floor duct port. The window flap can be peeled back to monitor progress without disturbing the internal environment while keeping your growing accessories organized in the tool bag provided.

The Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 Advance Grow Tent is the perfect choice for indoor gardeners looking to take their gardening experience to the next level. This advanced grow tent is designed with the latest technology and features to provide growers with an optimal growing environment.


With a size of 120''x60''x80'' and made of high-quality 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas, the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 provides a sturdy and durable structure that will stand the test of time. The diamond mylar canvas reflects up to 95% of light back onto your plants, ensuring that they receive the maximum amount of light and energy for healthy growth.


One of the standout features of the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 is its noise-reducing design. The tent is lined with thick, double-stitched fabric and fitted with a quiet, powerful AC Infinity fan that keeps air circulating in and out of the tent without making any noise. This means that you can enjoy your indoor garden without having to deal with the sound of fans and other equipment.


Another key feature of the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 is its innovative door lock system, which allows for easy access to your plants while keeping pests and other unwanted intruders out. The tent also comes equipped with multiple ventilation ports and ducting ports, making it easy to set up a ventilation system that suits your needs. The tent also comes with an observation window that lets you check on your plants without disturbing them.


With its advanced features, sturdy construction, and innovative design, the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 816 Advance Grow Tent is the ideal choice for serious indoor gardeners. Buy yours today and take your gardening to the next level!