Ac Infinity Cloudlab 632D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent 36''x24''x72'' 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas

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Product Description

Cloudlab 632D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent 36''x24''x72'' 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas

Introducing a grow tent specifically designed for indoor plant cultivation by offering total control over climate conditions. The tent includes a dual-chamber system, with the top section dedicated to plants in their vegetative state and the bottom section for seedlings. Constructed using waterproof oxford canvas with a 2000D thickness, this grow tent ensures enhanced durability and light-blocking capabilities. The tent interior is lined with diamond-patterned mylar which maximizes light reflection from your grow lights. To further boost reflectivity and prevent light leaks, an inner ribbon stitching creates a tight seal alongside the zippers. The duct ports feature a double cinching design that closes on both sides, reinforcing the light-proof seal. Included accessories comprise a waterproof floor tray, built-in tool bag, and a mounting plate for securing your controller in place.

The sturdy frame of this grow tent features steel construction with 22 mm diameter poles, surpassing the standard 18 mm poles found in most tents. Its corner pieces maintain the same level of rigidity, ensuring overall stability and durability. The robust design, along with roof beams, allows for supporting up to 150 pounds of grow equipment when hung at intersecting points. A sleek metallic finish safeguards the steel poles from long-term wear while maintaining an attractive appearance.

The CLOUDLAB series empowers you to grow your preferred plants all year round – perfect for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Easily set up the tent in various areas of your home such as closets, basements, guest rooms, or garages. For fresh air supply, simply open the air venting screen or connect an intake fan to the floor duct port. Track your plant's growth without disrupting the internal climate by lifting the window flap. Keep your accessories organized in the provided tool bag and modify the grow space


The Ac Infinity Cloudlab 632D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent is a high-quality, durable grow tent that is perfect for indoor gardening projects. The tent is made from 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas, which is a heavy-duty, tear-proof material that is designed to withstand the rigors of indoor growing. The tent measures in at 36''x24''x72'', which makes it large enough to accommodate a variety of plants and growing equipment.


The tent is easy to set up and requires no special tools or skills. The structure is reinforced by sturdy metal poles and connectors that provide excellent stability and support. The tent features dual-access doors and windows, which provide easy access to plants and allow for proper ventilation and airflow.


The tent is designed for use with a variety of growing equipment, including lighting, ventilation, and hydroponic systems. It comes with multiple ports and vents that allow you to connect your equipment easily and efficiently. The tent is also equipped with infrared blocking technology, which helps to maintain a stable temperature and prevent light leaks. This makes it perfect for use in residential or commercial settings.


Overall, the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 632D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent is an excellent choice for indoor gardening projects of all sizes. The tent is made from high-quality materials, is easy to set up, and is compatible with a variety of growing equipment. If you are looking for a reliable, durable, and versatile grow tent, the Ac Infinity Cloudlab 632D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent is definitely worth considering.