Ac Infinity Cloudcom B1 Smart Thermo-Hygrometer With Data App 12 ft Sensor Probe

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Cloudcom B1 Smart Thermo-Hygrometre With Data App 12 ft Sensor Probe

Introducing a smart hygrometer engineered to deliver precise temperature and humidity measurements, assisting you in maintaining the perfect environment for your space. Our steel thermal-alloy probe-equipped model accurately gauges climatic conditions and provides daily high and low readings of specific locations. The digital LCD screen features a backlight for visibility in darker environments. Regardless of whether you choose wall hanging, magnet mounting or desktop placement, this temperature sensor allows swift assessments of your area to address sudden changes. This device is part of the UIS™ family of growth devices and intelligent controllers, designed to work together towards achieving your desired atmosphere.

Unlock greater control of this smart hygrometer by connecting it to the AC Infinity app. This offers remote climate monitoring, alarm trigger programming, and calibration of temperature, humidity, and VPD readings. Receive personalized push notifications on your smart device for prompt response to significant fluctuations. Access historical climatic data graphs for tracking trends and export as a CSV spreadsheet for in-depth analysis.

  • A smart sensor designed to accurately give climate condition updates to maintain the ideal environment.
  • Corded probe provides fast-refresh climate readings and daily highs and lows of spot, remote locations.
  • Connect to our app via Bluetooth to access remote temperature and humidity monitoring and alarms.
  • Backlit LCD screen with desktop, wall, or magnetic mounting options to place and display anywhere.
  • Fit for use in many home and grow settings like greenhouses, grow tents, guitar rooms, and basements.

Suitable as an indoor thermometer for homes, this smart device is perfect for use in grow rooms as a thermostat or nursery temperature monitor. It also excels in other growing settings including greenhouses, grow tents, and closet builds. The Bluetooth-enabled temperature and humidity gauge is ideal for ensuring animal comfort in reptile terrariums or chicken coops as well. Additional home applications encompass apartments, basements, and guitar rooms where maintaining low humidity levels is essential.

The Ac Infinity Cloudcom B1 Smart Thermo-Hygrometre is a powerful tool for monitoring your environment. With its 12 foot sensor probe, you can get accurate readings from anywhere in the room.


Connect to the free data app and access real-time temperature and humidity readings on your smartphone or tablet. Customize alerts and notifications to stay informed about changes in your environment.


The Cloudcom B1 features a built-in LCD screen for easy viewing of current readings and settings. With its touch panel interface, adjusting settings and setting alarms is a breeze.


Use the Cloudcom B1 to control other AC Infinity products, including cooling fans and air purifiers. Set schedules and timers to optimize your environment and minimize energy costs.