350 Square Pot Vacuum Deep (450)

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700026C 350 Square Pot Vacuum Deep (450)

Designed with time, efficiency and quality in mind. We start with 100% recycled resins that we extrude, then form into our high-impact polystyrene square plant pots and carry trays. When you buy these Plastics containers, you can be confident that you are using durable, dependable and environmentally responsible plant pots and carry trays. Add to that the ease and efficiency of our Press-Fill system and you are sure to save both time and money.


Top outside: 3.52 inches
Bottom Outside: 2.56 inches
Depth: 3.50 inches

Top outside: 8.94 cm
Bottom Outside: 6.50 cm
Depth: 8.89 cm

Other Specifications:

Cubic inch: 31.43
Max Liquid: 1.08 pt
Metric: 515 ml
Case quantity: 450
Cases per pallet: 48
Units per pallet: 21,600

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