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                                                  -Eliminate Root Circling for faster Growth & Healthier Plants

- Maximize nutrient and water uptake

- Prevent roots from circling

- Allow your plants to grow quicker



The Problem With plastic & Ceramic Pots 

Because traditional pots create an impenetrable wall, once a plant’s roots hit this barrier they are forced along it. The result is that your plants have roots concentrated around the wall edge, leading to malformed and circled root structure and wasted space in the centre of the pot.

This means your plants aren’t as effective at soaking up nutrients or water, stunting growth and becoming more vulnerable to changes in temperature. Ultimately, hard pots allow plants to develop roots until they hit the wall, after this growth is slowed and you have to re-pot your plants.

Why are Rhizo Pots Different?

With soft walls Rhizo Pots encourage air pruning. Air pruning occurs when a plant reaches the breathable fabric layer. This causes the root tip to dry, halting its growth forward and encouraging the plant to grow secondary roots into the wasted central space. In time the effect is multiplied, leading to fibrous and dense roots that are better placed to absorb water and nutrients.

How it Works

  1. A root approaching the wall comes into contact with the air
  2. The air causes the root tip to dry, pruning it and triggering secondary root growth
  3. The result is denser root structure, less wasted space, better nutrient uptake and faster growth

Give Your Plant What They Need To Develop Healty & Dense Root Structure

Whether you are using them in the garden or within a hydroponic drip line system Rhizo Pots are the perfect alternative to plastic, terracotta or ceramic pots. They can be used effectively in the propagation stage to ensure health root development and prevent your plants from becoming pot bound.

What Are You Waithing For? Your Plants Will Thank You


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RhizoPot fabric grow pots are dramatic improvements on the traditional plastic nursery or clay potting container. By switching to RhizoPot fabric pots your plants can grow faster, remain healthier,...