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AS-TIM Technology

Intelligent parameter check before every fire.

AS-TIM is a patented technology developed to prevent under- or over-voltage ignition that is prevalent in all traditional digital ballasts.

A high ignition voltage is required to light up a HID lamp but the optimal voltage varies depending on environmental factors. Traditional DB uses a preset ignition voltage to light the lamp BUT the major drawback of this is that the ignition voltage is ALWAYS OVER the optimal voltage creating unwanted electrical stress. Consequently, this causes the premature failure of the lamp and the ballast.

AS-TIM is a state of art revolution to traditional ignition methods. Not only does it completely eradicate the major drawbacks of traditional ignition methods, it also enhances performance, reliability, and longevity of the lamp-ballast system.

By using the industry’s most advanced MCU (micro controller unit) with highly sophisticated programming, AS-TIM receives a signal from the lamp to calculate the precise optimal ignition voltage. It then sends this exact voltage and current combination to ignite the lamp. Keep in mind, this process happens within a matter of nano-seconds.

This ignition method brings unprecedented stability and reliability to your hydroponic grow system.  


  • Longer lamp and ballast life

  • Smooth dimming

  • Up to 20m of lamp cord

  • Up to twice as fast from 0 - MAX POWER

  • Prevents frying of the ballast from the high ignition voltage



Brighter, Stronger, Better

MegaBoost amplifies the output power by 10 – 20% of the original rating, creating a brighter growing environment for your plants, and making them grow faster, healthier and bigger.

Thermal, Short Circuit, Current & Voltage Protection (T.S.C Protection System)

Protection at every level.


Thermal protection is key to the lifespan of all digital ballast. Each fan is designed to run optimally at any operating temperature and is automatically switched to turbo mode when the ballast goes beyond 72 degrees Celsius. At 90 degrees Celsius or higher, the micro-controller unit (MCU) will force the entire ballast to shut down to prevent any unwanted damage to both the lamp and the ballast.


When the system detects there is excessive current flowing through the wires, the built-in fuse will pop and shut down the system so that further damage is prevented.


The MCU calculates and sets a current to voltage ratio threshold for the ballast, any time should this ratio exceeds the preset threshold, the ballast will be automatically shut down for protection as well as to prevent overheating.

Error Check Indicator 

Real Time Monitoring.

Our comprehensive error check sets superior testing standards for modern-day digital ballasts. Users are able to use the following error codes to easily identify any problem that may occur with the ballast and be notified the moment it happens, instead of doing trial-and-error to figure out what might have gone wrong.



To prevent in-rush current spikes, a random number (0-10seconds) is generated by the MCU (micro-controller unit) which determines the timing and sequence in which each light is turned on. This eliminates circuit overload when firing multiple ballasts at once.


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