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Vacuum Pump

Vendor Harvest Right™
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HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump: Optimize Your Freeze-Drying Process with Efficiency and Reliability

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Elevate your freeze-drying process to new heights with the HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump. Designed specifically for use with HarvestRight freeze dryers, this high-performance pump delivers exceptional efficiency and reliability, ensuring precise and consistent results in your freeze-drying endeavors.

Harness the power of the HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump to achieve optimal vacuum levels rapidly and efficiently. Its robust construction and advanced technology provide a consistent and powerful suction, allowing you to maintain a controlled environment for efficient sublimation during the freeze-drying process.

Built with durability in mind, this vacuum pump is engineered with premium-quality components that guarantee long-lasting performance. The oil-based lubrication system ensures superior sealing capabilities, minimizing wear on critical parts and extending the pump's service life. With reduced maintenance requirements, you can focus on your freeze-drying projects without unnecessary interruptions.

The HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump is designed to integrate seamlessly with your HarvestRight freeze dryer. Its user-friendly interface and simple controls make it easy to operate and monitor the vacuum levels throughout the process. The compact design ensures a space-saving solution, allowing for efficient use of your laboratory or workspace.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump for your freeze-drying needs. Perfect for a range of applications, including food preservation, scientific research, and pharmaceutical production, this pump delivers consistent performance, ensuring high-quality results every time.

Invest in the HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump and unlock the full potential of your freeze-drying process. Achieve superior efficiency, precise control, and reliable performance, all tailored to meet the unique requirements of your HarvestRight freeze dryer. Take your freeze-drying projects to new heights and preserve the quality and integrity of your valuable products with confidence.

Choose the HarvestRight Standard Oil Vacuum Pump for unmatched reliability and efficiency in freeze-drying. Contact us today to learn more about how this pump can revolutionize your freeze-drying process and maximize the quality of your preserved goods.

Technical Specifications
Voltage: Standard 115V. 60Hz

Plug: US 110V

Intake Port: 3/4 JIC flare

Dimensions: 10-1/2″ H x 16″ D x 5-3/4″

W Weight: 35lbs

Warranty: 6 months