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Bokashi Plus Culture Mix Compost

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Introducing the Bokashi Plus Culture Mix Compost 

your all-in-one solution for eco-friendly waste management, gardening, and more! Handmade from non-GMO food-grade wheat bran and superior quality effective micro-organisms, our Bokashi Plus is crafted with care in a molasses and structured water base. Ideal for use in the My Good GreenTM Compost System, this versatile composting mix also doubles as a soil conditioner, compost accelerator, litter box deodorizer, pet waste composting agent, and probiotic pet food additive.

Transform your food waste into nutrient-rich soil within weeks using the My Good GreenTM Compost System. For gardening enthusiasts, simply mix dry Bokashi PlusTM with potting soil for container plants, or incorporate it into your outdoor garden when planting vegetables and flowers. Bokashi Tea can be used as a foliar spray or added to watering cans to enhance plant growth and health.

Farewell to harsh chemicals! Our Bokashi Plus Culture Mix offers an eco-friendly alternative for septic system sanitization. Say goodbye to products like RID-X by activating 1/8 cup of Bokashi PlusTM in one gallon of filtered water before pouring it down sinks and toilets.

Pet owners rejoice! The Bokashi Plus Culture Mix Compost can help you manage pet waste in a sustainable way. Use it with our My Good GreenTM Pet Compost Kit to turn your pet's waste into nutrient-rich soil for ornamental gardens, trees, and bushes.

Invest in our Bokashi Plus Culture Mix Compost today and embrace a greener lifestyle while enriching your home gardening experience!