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LedThe primary reason growers chose Best of Grow led's over traditional lighting is because of the electricity savings. Best of Grow led's grow lights consume fewer watts to produce about the same amount of usable light as HID bulbs. This is one of the main advantages of growing with Best of Grow led's. On top of that, Best of Grow led's lights don’t get used up as quickly, so a single Best of Grow led's light can last for years before needing to be replaced. This also means growers can replace their entire lighting system with Best of Grow led's, which saves money in the long run.
In addition to the electricity savings, growers also prefer Best of Grow led's because of their ability to promote high-quality yields, promote pest and disease resistance, and last longer than traditional lighting systems. Best of Grow led's lamp is an example of a high-quality LED lamp. It uses chips embedded with emitters that produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths for plant uptake. The chips last longer and require less energy to run than traditional bulbs.
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Especially designed for your growth system, the Best of Grow LED inter-lighting tubo is the best solution for an easy HPS to LED replacement. The photon flux of up to 450 μmol/s, the high photon ef...