Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart App

Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart App

BudLabs - Hydroponics Grow App

BudLabs is a mobile hydroponics grow guide developed by Advanced Nutrients. It is designed to help growers achieve reliable and consistent results in their grow rooms, whether they are beginners or experts. The app provides a comprehensive feeding schedule, with the exact proportions of Advanced Nutrients products distributed each week. It also helps growers organize each step of the grow process, from setting up virtual crops to managing daily activities and tasks.

Nutrient Calculator

One of the key features of BudLabs is its nutrient calculator. This tool allows growers to choose the phase of their crop's growth (grow or bloom), select their nutrient base of choice, and indicate their level of grow experience. They can also insert their precise reservoir size, as BudLabs supports both gallons and liter calculations. Based on this input, BudLabs will generate a tailored feeding schedule that includes all Advanced Nutrients products, distributed within the correct weeks.

This feature is particularly useful for growers who want to take the guesswork out of feeding their plants. By using the nutrient calculator, they can ensure that their plants receive the right quantities of nutrients at the right time, which can help keep their garden healthy and thriving.


BudLabs also includes a Labs feature, which allows growers to create and manage multiple virtual crops simultaneously. Each virtual crop has its own nutrient base and feeding schedule, which can be customized according to the grower's preferences. The app also provides visualization of the growth phases of each crop throughout the grow process.

Growers can use the Labs feature to set the first day of their crop in the calendar and mark the beginning of the growth of their crops. They can also manage their daily activities, write down all their tasks, and never forget a thing from their grow-room to-do list. The app's tasks tool makes it easy to stay on top of daily to-do's and avoid missing crucial steps or misplacing priorities.

Growers can access and monitor their virtual crops with logged start, end, and cycle-switch dates, ensuring that they never have to worry about skipping a step. If they are dealing with more than one crop at a time, they can duplicate a crop to track their progress across multiple grows at once.

By following the weekly nutrient calculation provided by BudLabs, growers can achieve a perfectly balanced grow room. They can also get reminders for each activity within their virtual crop and take pride in their latest grow while taking stock of what worked best. The app allows them to view their completed crops and tasks while strategizing the best steps for an optimal return to the garden.


BudLabs includes information for every Advanced Nutrients product, including its exact purpose and how it affects the plant. This feature is particularly useful for growers who want to learn more about the products they are using and how they can benefit their plants.


BudLabs allows growers to select their preferred location and get access to the latest Advanced Nutrients news and promotions. The app will send push notifications for the latest news, ensuring that growers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in hydroponics growing.

Grower Support

Finally, BudLabs allows growers to connect with the world-famous Advanced Nutrients Grower Support team in one tap. They can have experts answer all the grow-related questions they may have, helping them troubleshoot any issues they encounter while growing their plants.

In conclusion, BudLabs is an essential tool for any hydroponics grower who wants to achieve reliable and consistent results in their grow room. With its nutrient calculator, Labs feature, product information, news updates, and grower support, it provides everything growers need to succeed in hydroponics growing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, BudLabs can help you take your growing to the next level.